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Watch M Diamond offers a punctual repair service for luxury watches and jewels that can restore yours to its original splendor precious object preserving it from time and from the damage it may have encountered during the course of the years.
Discover the services dedicated to
  • Watches
  • Full or partial aesthetic polishing with stone
    Full or partial aesthetic polishing with stone
  • Laser polishing
    Laser polishing
  • Restoration and reconstruction of cases and rings
    Restoration and reconstruction of cases and rings
  • Linking and restoration of Rolex bracelets
    Linking and restoration of Rolex bracelets
  • Glass replacement
    Glass replacement
  • Complete overhaul of the mechanics
    Complete overhaul of the mechanics
  • Waterproofness

Our staff takes care of assisting you with a 360-degree maintenance of your timepiece, using the best watchmakers and restorers of the area.

We use only and exclusively artisans who work directly with the manufacturers guaranteeing you, if your luxury watch needs the replacement of one or more mechanical and / or aesthetic components, the originality of the parts replaced.

We offer original components replacement service such as dials, inserts, crowns, spheres, etc.

For overhauled luxury watches, a 12-month guarantee on good functioning is issued.

Full or partial aesthetic polishing with stone
Through the use of special felts, lapidelli and polishing discs, our staff is able to eliminate them all the aesthetic imperfections of your luxury watch at the expense of an imperceptible layer of metal that is removed.

It is therefore advisable to carry out this operation in moderation to ensure the maintenance of shape, impermeability and durability of your favorite timepiece.

In case of scratches or particularly marked dents, it is advisable to proceed with a laser filling of the affected areas.
Laser polishing
If your timepiece has particularly severe scratches or dents due to blows that have scratched the case or for particularly invasive mechanical polishing that has removed too much metal it is advisable to proceed with laser reconstruction using a special soldering iron.

The same material used by the manufacturer of your luxury watch is used to reconstruct the damaged part therefore, when the work is finished, you will not notice any difference with the new product.
Restoration and reconstruction of cases and rings
Often inexperienced hands that have tried their hand at repairing or polishing a luxury watch have actually left damage that can be rectified with a restoration session carried out in order to restore the bracelets and cases of the damaged watches to their original state.

Thanks to the expertise of our staff, it is possible to give a new life to your favorite timepiece without spending big money and in absolute safety for your favorite watch.
Linking and restoration of Rolex bracelets Oyster e Jubilèe
We are able to offer an innovative linking service applicable to Rolex Oyster, Jubilee and President bracelets in different materials.

The bracelet, previously loosened and worn, will be regenerated in every single element that composes it, regaining the splendor of the past with no trace of the restoration work carried out.

For owners of experienced luxury watches who want to keep the signs of aging on their watch, it is possible to maintain its appearance while recovering its full functionality.
Glass replacement
Small shards of glass inside the watch can affect its functioning, stopping or slowing it down: a splintered glass or its cracked gasket can also compromise its water resistance or expose the hands, dial and mechanism in general to dust.

For this reason it is always good to replace the glass which is advisable even in the event of a simple and unsightly scratch.
Complete overhaul of the mechanics
The mechanics of a luxury watch have functional characteristics that distinguish the timepiece making it a work of micro engineering.

For this reason, mechanical care is an important aspect that aims to preserve the accuracy of the timepiece and which should be performed every two or three years with the use of special lubricating liquids and the replacement of worn gaskets.
To guarantee the water resistance of luxury watches that are ruined by time, the right tools and a painstaking patience in carrying out a conservative treatment based on special silicates.

This is a highly requested service especially by watch owners who, over the years, have found themselves for various reasons for your timepiece to experience a deterioration in water and pressure resistance.
  • Jewelry
  • Polishing
  • Welding
  • Encasing
  • Rhodium (white gold)
    Rhodium (white gold)
  • Replacement of damaged and / or lost stones
    Replacement of damaged and / or lost stones

Continuous uses can lead even the best jewel to be damaged or worn, our staff is responsible for providing assistance for the repair of your jewel at 360 degrees, using the best goldsmiths of the Valencian and Milanese panorama.

We are available to show you the right path to take for the repair of your jewel, do not hesitate to contact us, we are waiting for you in the shop.

In addition, we issue a 12-month warranty on all repaired jewelry.

The jewelry polishing service consists in the execution of some delicate and meticulous operations to reduce scratches deeper that a jewel can present following its use.

After a careful analysis of the feasibility of the process, a gentle smoothing is carried out with the removal of a very thin layer metal layer that leads to a uniform surface.

A real polishing follows that makes the jewel as if it had just been created.
Our staff is able to carry out precision welding to reconstruct any breakages resulting from trauma or wear.

This is a meticulous process that involves damage analysis, evaluation of the original precious alloy and selection of the most suitable materials so that the repair is reliable and lasting.

The welding takes place through a careful craftsmanship that returns the jewel to its ancient splendor.
The encasing is the process carried out to hold the precious stones on a jewel and highlight them in the best way.

It can be carried out in different ways including, for example, English embedding, griffes, pavè, spikes, mustache or invisible.
The choice of the best modality takes into account the indication of the customer, the desired objective, the type of stone and the metal alloy support.

Our staff is able to create any precision setting for any precious stone.
Rhodium (white gold)
The rhodium plating service allows you to make your jewels in white or yellow gold shiny and shiny again.
Gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches or rings, due to wear, tend to become darker: through rhodium plating, which involves an electrolytic process, a very thin layer of rhodium equal to 1 micron is applied to the precious object.

This process, in addition to giving new luster to the jewel, protects it from oxidation and wear over time.
Replacement of damaged and / or lost stones
Our staff is able to replace damaged or lost precious stones also taking care of the supply after careful selection according to your specifications.

After identifying the type of stone missing or any damage where it was still present, the operator is able to submit a series of alternatives belonging to the same family of precious stones or suggesting others that could be set respecting the harmony of the jewel and any other precious stones present.
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